Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life got busy

Sorry about the lag the last couple of days. Life happened. Had two choir concerts in one night and Daddy Warbucks out of town. That's a hard thing to do. Be at two places at once. Got it done with the help of wonderful friends and family who helped watch some kids so they all did not have to come. I shouldn't say that, so they all did not have the opportunity to come. Both concerts were well done and of course the singers I know really well did amazing.
Actually Trout had her own on stage solo and nailed it. She did such an amazing job, her friends had no idea she had such a voice. Well done. We celebrated with cheesecake!
School is almost done on the home stretch now and I can't wait.
I'm on day 4 of working out and trying to eat clean. As you can see a couple of sentences earlier, it was a cheat day. Cheese is natural right, it had cheese in it.
Yesterday was legs. Since my knee is giving me grief still I just did body weight no extra lbs and did not go fully parallel on the squats and lunges, plus I was at home cause Daddy Warbucks was coming home and I did not want to miss him since he was getting clean clothes and heading out of town again.
3 sets 12 reps/ min rest
Walking lunges
Quad extensions ( sat on the couch and extended out, bad knee)
Sumo squats
Donkey kicks
Calf raises
1st position calf raises
Today is running ( outside) then shoulders and abs
Run 4 miles
3 sets 12 reps/ min rest
Seated dumbbell press
dumbbell straight arm raise
Side lateral raise
Seated bent over rear raise
Star sit ups
Ball crunch with a twist.
The come home and do chores. Clean, fold, clean, fold, and keep deer out of my fruit trees.
Loved this and at times we need to remember it.
Make your day great!

Monday, May 13, 2013

New Workout Goal

I'm loving my workouts. I'm loving my gym and can't wait until the basement is finished and I have my own Gym area where I have my own weights, my own bench, all my own stuff. Today while at the Gym I did my Yoga class which I love, then went to go do some free weights. Well, everything was taken. All the benches were being used, all the floor space was being used. A hulk of a guy was on the leg press, another guy was doing squats, guys were doing pull ups, lat pull downs. So everything was busy. I hate waiting for the equipment. I hate standing around with all the hulks, ( me looking like a little waif) then having to sneak in grab my little weights, or change what they were doing and workout. But I really like my gym. So to get my life back on line and my body back from winter and surgery. ( oh that's a whole story of it own). I'm going to start a new program. With my knee acting up, I feel that I have not built enough muscle in my legs to keep things running in the right tracks and feeling a lot of muscle fatigue while running. I'm hoping that working on certain muscles groups, I'll be able to run much better. But I guess only time will tell. So today, I'm trying to eat cleaner, ( not that I ate horribly but, everyone can improve), trying to eat more regularly, and drinking lots of water ( which I'm already good at, yay for me). Also the muscles groups that I worked on today was chest/triceps. The work out was great. But I was feeling very week and I could not lift what I wanted. But baby steps, Rome was not built in a day.
So today was yoga. love the class. I love feeling stretched, calm and in control of my body. Although most times I'm sure my limbs are every where. Then off to weights.
So I'm doing 3 sets of 12, with a minute break between sets first to build up muscle endurance.
Wide set push ups.
Dumb bell bench press.
Cable bench flys
Narrow push ups
Standing Dumbbell triceps extension
Triceps push downs.
Needless to say. I think my max weight was 12 lbs (now to you see why I hate waiting around for the equipment. Sorry He-Man, I'm going to have to take your weight of 300 lbs down to 12, but you can have it when I'm done.) But I feel soooo much better when I push my body (yes 12 lbs was a push, hehe).
So if you are interested I will be posting my daily workouts, yoga classes, and maybe some clean eating ideas. 
Here is a little something that I love, that a dear friend has up in her house.
" Keep your eye on the prize and your hand on the plow"
Have a great day my friends. 

Friday, May 10, 2013


I woke up with a smile on my face, just giddy with anticipation to greet the day. Hahaha, ya right! I stumbled out of bed, making sure that I did step on the child that now thinks my room is way cooler then hers. (She's on the floor, cause for some strange reason, sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor is way better then sleeping in a nice soft bed with a comforter, but what ever gets them to go to sleep sometimes.) I go look in the mirror, really at that early in the morning I don't even know why I bother. It's not like I'm going to see anything amazing. Ok, maybe my hair. Since I chopped it all off, I have some of the best frankenstien bedhead in the world. After that shock in the morning I make sure all the little ones doors are closed because or some reason the older ones, ( who are up getting ready for school already) think that they need every light on in the house. Now, I do admit that when I have to go down stairs and it is dark out, I turn on every light also, but I also turn them off when I leave the room. So I methodically, like a zombie, cause they are soooo methodical, turn off all the lights that are now blinding me ( remember just woke up). Down the stairs I go hoping not to fall, get the older ones lunches packed. Yup I still do that. Try to get them to hurry up and get ready. Then when it is my week to drive car pool off we go. The older kids looking pretty good for that early and me well I'm in jammies, with Frankenstein hair. I'm sure my kids are mortified every time that I drive, but that is way to early to look pretty. Then back home again, jiggity jog, to get the other set of children out the door with hair brushed, and clean faces. Most of the time I'm just happy with clean faces. They are off, the youngest and I get to hang out and do well jobs around the house, go workout ( for my sanity) and try to do something productive. Some days we are really good at it, today well not so hot. Kids will start filing home with wonderful stories to tell of all there adventures. I wont hear any of it cause trying to get the daily happenings from school out of a teenager is like to trying to pry open an oyster that is dead set on you not getting in. So my days look like nothing that TV portrays, or that that I even thought it would be like. But I like it. I like the challenge, I like the smiles I get from the kids, I like the satisfaction of doing something. Hence I don't do things that often, I don't want that excitement to seem common place. HAHAHA! Nope I think that I live a pretty charmed life.

Oh see look how productive. ( That was not today, I'm too tired to be productive today, but that is Gluten free bread that was really good. I'll post the recipe and step by step)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Running ...

Yuck! I think that I have runners knee. Now if I tell Daddy Warbucks, he will just say stop diagnosing yourself and take it easy. Take it easy! How on earth do I do that. I have signed up for a race here in town that is one of the hilliest races. Plus it is 13.1 miles. I have done it before but this times seems like I'm brand new to this running thing. I can tell you that I am not. Am I the best and fastest runner no, but I'm steady and it has kind of come to define me. I feel that I'm letting myself down if I do not do this run. Mentally and physically I don't want to do it. Why the heck did I sign up? Oh I know they have a pretty good pre-race bag. Man those goodie bags they give at races. Plus I like the big bling hanging around my neck. So I probably just need to suck it up and run the silly race. Last time I ran a 1/2 marathon, I had plantar faciatus, ( totally spelt that wrong, but you get the picture. I'm just to lazy to get the right spelling so sorry) I taped up my foot, downed some painkillers and went off to the races. I probably will do that with this one. Or just go get the goodie bag and not worry about the actual running part. HAHA! So to try to get me motivated and healing, I will post some of my running photos. Don't worry there are not a lot.

 The top ones are from running the hills by my house. I have respectfully named the biggest " Brutus". I think about him every time I step out of my front door for a run. One day Brutus I will conquer and it will be sweet.

 The windiest race I have ever ran in my life. And I got a stupid glass instead of a medal. I felt so ripped off. Until I realized "Hey this cup is actually a pretty good size". Now it is my water cup everyday. 8 of these babies everyday.

Last but no least. These pretty ladies, the socks look good too. Haha. No really I bought some compression socks to see if it helped any with my sore legs. They seem to cramp up in the calf every time I run. So I wear these sweet things and hopefully it will help.
Well with that said I need to go for a run now. Actually I need to ice and do some leg extensions for this silly runners knee and hopefully get everything tracking in time for the race, in 3 weeks. I'll keep you posted about how the running thing is going. Time to go and tend to the zoo and other things in the house that I am procrastinating doing. Like running.